October 2012

Communicate With Your Customers

If you are like most businesses, you have a steady roster of clients who produce the majority of your income. They think of you first when they want something you can provide.

But no business can survive - never mind really thrive - without continually nurturing both new and existing clients. However, finding ways to reach out to existing clients or potential customers doesn't come naturally for most of us. And it's far too easy to let the task slide to tomorrow's to-do list.

Consider that the average person is only capable of keeping three to five brands per category in their memory. If you want to introduce your brand into someone's consideration, you need to push another brand out of consideration. Effectively cutting through the marketing clutter is essential to achieving this. Think repetition, and talk to us about some great printing techniques we can employ to give your messages some "pop" and help them stand out in a crowd.

Most sales are all about timing. Maybe your target audience doesn't need your product or service right now, or they are happy with their current provider. With repetition, your name will come to mind when things are not going so well with the current provider and they are interested in trying someone new.

Also realize that not all of your customer communication efforts are easily measurable. While some initiatives, such as direct response campaign might produce an easy to measure ROI, others, such as a customer newsletter will produce positive results that are harder to measure without a great amount of effort. This should not, however, diminish the critical role that they play in your marketing efforts.

While brand-building campaigns may lack the direct response jolt of sales promotions, they will significantly impact the performance of future sales promotions. In reality, direct response is highly dependent on how well your brand is recognized by your target audience and how it is perceived.


4 Ways to Treat Your Email Subscribers Like Friends
According to the 60 Second Marketer blog, email marketing is powerful because it delivers your message to a subscriber's inner sanctum—alongside party evites from friends and photos from recent family trips. Because of this, they argue, "You need to develop a relationship with the consumer as well. Otherwise you are just an intruder in a house [where] you don't belong."

Here are a few tips for making subscribers think of you as a friend whose messages belong in their inboxes:

Be personable. A friend knows how to spell your name correctly; remembers your birthday; takes note of your likes and dislikes; and speaks to you in an informal, conversational voice. There's no reason why your email program can't exhibit all of these traits as well.

Be consistent. We all have that friend who alternates between bombarding us with messages and disappearing for weeks or months at a time. It gets old in a hurry. So be the friend who stays in touch consistently, and never comes on too strong.

Be concise. "You don't want to be that friend who takes 20 minutes to tell a 2-minute story," the 60 Second Marketer team notes.

Be sensitive. Friends recognize when "now" isn't a good time to talk—and it's important to remember that when timing your email campaigns. Mornings might be an ideal time to catch a stay-at-home mother; Friday evening, conversely, might be a terrible time to reach a B2B customer who keeps a regular office schedule.

The Po!nt: Be a pal. Thinking of your subscribers as your friends is an effective way to gauge the appropriateness of your email program's different initiatives—and not wear out your welcome.

Source: 60 Second Marketer. 

Publish Date: 
Monday, October 1, 2012 - 00:30