May 2012


Give Your Print Marketing a Spring Cleaning

The spring is the perfect time to rethink your print marketing strategy, revamp your messaging and refresh your brand.

This requires an understanding of the role traditional ink-on-paper will play in a time when technology adoption and e-content delivery are fundamentally reshaping the marketing approach. Companies of any size can adapt to the new marketing landscape by following these steps.   

Invest in customer retention. You know it costs less to keep the customers you already have than to capture new ones. Keep them engaged and buying with a consistent cross-channel marketing plan. Maybe you've abandoned a print newsletter for an electronic version, but your emails are being ignored and anti-spam legislation is looming. Mailing a newsletter, particularly one that uses variable data printing to deliver a personalized message, is a great way to keep your company top of mind. Include the address of your blog and build your brand and position yourself as an expert.

Get to the point. Your customers have more choices and less time than ever before. Rewrite your copy to tell consumers why your company is the only real choice. What problem are you solving better than anyone else? Change rambling copy into a focused, more powerful message.

Be the customer. When you take a step back, are you engaging customers at the right time through the right channels? The way content will be created, delivered and consumed in 2012 isn't the same as it was only a few years ago. Is it worth your prospect's time to join you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter? When they scan the QR code on your direct mail piece, are they landing on a page with a specific call to action? 

Freshen up. If you're anticipating a change in management, introducing a new product or service, or celebrating a significant business milestone in the coming year, consider a brand refresh. With slight revisions to your branding elements and positioning, you can preserve your brand's existing equity while infusing new energy into your offerings. 

Successful marketers are integrating print with social media and effectively managing data and content. Let us help you navigate the increasingly complex world of print marketing and get 2012 off to a profitable start.