August 2012

Case Studies in Multi-Touch Success

If you want to increase your sales, talk to your customers. Do it frequently. Do it consistently. Create multi-channel, multi-touch strategies centered on print, email, and other media that help build your brand and stay top of mind. When customers are ready to buy, they'll think of you. 

Let's look at a few multi-channel campaigns and their results.

Marketer 1 wanted to reach high-level executives who often have their mail screened by gatekeepers. It developed a multi-channel campaign anchored with dimensional mail. Instead of saying, "Use Your Head," it used the theme "Use Your Coconut," and mailed prospects a real coconut in nylon netting with a hangtag. It used the same theme throughout all channels, including email, personalized URLs, social media, and direct mail. The campaign achieved a 46% response rate and led directly to new business.

Marketer 2 wanted to drive booth traffic at a trade show. It targeted past and current attendees with postcards containing personalized URLs and offering entry into a sweepstakes as an incentive. At the airport, attendees were greeted with branded placards, magnetic car signs, and representatives with t-shirts with QR Codes that took them to an entertaining mobile-optimized landing page. At the gala, the marketer provided a fun photo op and took pictures of attendees that were subsequently printed on mouse pads that could be picked up at the booth. Sweepstakes winners were announced on Facebook. The marketer received a 34% response rate. Of those who responded, 45% requested more information on the company's services. 

Marketer 3, a specialty retail store, was opening a new location. It started with a "prime the pump" postcard, telling people to look for the upcoming Grand Opening announcement with coupon. It followed up with the coupon, and in the following months, used additional channels such as over-sized postcards, email, and full-page ads in a regional publication to continue to drive traffic. All print pieces included QR Codes leading to videos, coupons, and other content to foster engagement. The retailer got more than $61,000 in new business. Nearly two-thirds (61%) of respondents had never shopped in the store before!

The lesson? If you want to stay engaged with customers, start a conversation and keep it going. Use multiple media to keep them exposed to your brand and stay top of mind. Then sit back and reap the results.