Our Green Initiatives

At Foster we work diligently to create products that have a minimal impact on the environment. We are passionate about the environmental impact made by our process and we love teaching our customers about our green initiatives.

Too many times, we have heard people say, “Don’t print that, save a tree.” By nature, print is very environmentally friendly.  People forget that trees are a sustainable crop just like the fruits and vegetables we eat. Not printing to save a tree is like not eating corn to save the stalk.

We like to start our environmental awareness by using paper created from responsibly managed forests. Foster has access to a variety of papers with varying levels of post consumer waste. In an effort to utilize renewable resources, we are currently utilizing vegetable oil based inks including linseed, canola, and soybean.

While we are okay with our usage of trees, Foster is still committed to reducing paper waste by using sheeting and ganging technologies. Whenever possible, we gang our work in order to create the best possible fit on each press run. We also utilize a sheeter on a daily basis. This lets us custom fit press sheets to the requirements for each press run.

We work diligently to recycle as much waste material as possible. Currently, we recycle paper, aluminum plates, cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, plastic stretch wrap, bubble wrap, and plastic banding material. We re-use any wood pallets that are in good condition. Any pallets that are unsuitable for reuse are recycled. Boxes that come to us containing special order stock are reused in shipping to send out printed jobs.

Foster is passionate about protecting our environment while maintaining quality standards and better serving our customers!